Thursday, 15 December 2011

News from Qatar

I have just received some interesting news from Qatar in an email from Mr. Brahim Benmin, a legal advisor to the Council of Ministers:
  • new anti-counterfeiting legislation which empowers the authorities to impound goods such as compact discs at the borders; and
  • a very tempting employment opportunity for a senior intellectual property lawyer at the Qatar Foundation.
I am told that the text of the new anti-counterfeiting law is available only in Arabic. I shall post a link to the text and any translation as soon as I can. Anyone interested in the intellectual property laws of Qatar (which must include candidates for the job with the Qatar Foundation) can find translations of the country's constitution, intellectual property legislation and the treaties to which Qatar is party on Qatar's page of the WIPO website.

The Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development is established to help transform Qatar from on oil based to a knowledge based economy. I have not yet found any details of the job but you can find information on careers with the Foundation generally and contact numbers and an email to the personnel office on the "Work at Qatar Foundation" page of the Foundation's website. If anyone at the Foundation wants to add any more details of the job or the work of the Qatar Foundation in general I shall be very glad to publish them.

Mr. Benmin has told me that his government is very keen to advise and assist businesses and institutions that wish to invest in or trade with Qatar. I shall be glad to pass on any serious enquiries to him if you contact me on +44 161 850 0080 or complete my contact form.

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