6 June 2017

This is a member of a family of blogs that I keep on intellectual property and technology law. You can access the others through the about page of NIPC Law.

This blog covers IP and technology law in the Gulf Cooperation Council (“GCC”) countries in so far as it affects the United Kingdom and the rest of the world and English and EU intellectual property and technology law in so far as it affects citizens and residents of the GCC countries.

The GCC states have always been important to the United Kingdom as it is for other advanced countries in that they are a large and growing market for British goods and services and an even more important supplier of our oil and natural gas requirements, Sovereign wealth funds and private sector investors are an important source of investment in the UK just as there has always been extensive British and other foreign investment in the economies in the GCC states.

The region is likely to increase in importance to the UK and the rest of the world as the GCC states diversify their economies and invest heavily in research and development and their creative industries. It will be particularly important to the UK as we seek to do more business overseas following our retreat from the single market of the European Union.

British and other businesses can take advantage of the special laws in force in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”), Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”) and the Qatar Financial Centre (“QFC”) all of which are modelled on British statutes or codify our common law and the English speaking common law courts staffed largely by judges from the UK and other Commonwealth common law countries which enforce those laws.

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